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Geeky Goblin Productions

The Association

The Geeky Goblin Productions are an association aiming at the creation, editing, production and publication of multimedia, cross-media and transmedia libre works, each word having its importance (they are detailed in our statutes, article 1).

One way to understand what the GGPs are is to focus on two key points: we are authors who wish experiment with shapes and we support free art, which we contribute to.
Besides this, we promote the values ​​of sharing, autonomy, polymathy, self-learning…

You can directly mail our authors (see below), or mail the association to the following address:

please.reply @

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al.jes a.k.a Alexandre Ultré

Cofounder of the GGPs, but also of Jeunes-Science International, the odd, philologist and bearded man that I am joined the associative world on October 4, 2003 at 10 am 05 (yes, it is accurate).
Besides creating associations, my hobbies are writing, cinema, reading and, incidentally, my studies in game design.

al.jes @ Site. Top.

Lili Lith a.k.a Cécile Caplier

lili.lith @ Top.

Ned J. a.k.a Julien Édoire

Fallen very young in reading and video games, I have since constantly recorded stories, made sketches of new worlds; tasted and even enjoyed the productions of various artists. I decided then to co-founding the GGPs.
I confess and claim to be affected by a eclectic collectioner syndrome, all symptoms combined, about images and sounds in digital format. In addition, you can meet me wearing a top hat covering insolently curly otherwise “meandering” hair, and so recognize me.

ned.j @ Top.

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