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Ned et les maki
A Ned J. game


Further to an incident in his world, Ned, the masked koala with striped socks, wanders into a strange forest. A while pass walking before he discovers a land where buildings replace the trees.

From these buildings come entities that are unfamiliar to him. They stir around him. Ned touches them, but fails to discover their code; wouldn’t these creatures be provided with? Strangely, he understands their language, he already had it in his packages. They often come about the words “angry hermit”, “soothe” and “help us.” He would ask them to see if he still operates in the digiworld and, if not, how to get there, but Ned can’t speak. He realized suddenly that entities have pushed inside one of the buildings. The doors close behind him.

Ned finds himself climbing from floor to floor a hermit’s tower by storing large makis that block his path and control access to the following levels.




They talk about us…

Best game ever. —Natir’s mother

I won’t play anything after this game. —Friedrich Nietzsche

Makiiiiiiis… —Casmo & Mazir, Lili Lith’s cats


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